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Wie Bioware-Produzent Cameron Lee heute auf seinem Blog bekannt gab, wird er das Entwicklerstudio aus familiären Gründen verlassen.

Cameron Lee stieß vor 5 Jahren zu Bioware und war Produzent von Dragon Age Inquisition. Zuletzt arbeitete er als leitender Produzent an der, bisher nicht vorgestellten, neuen IP von Bioware.
Zitat Since Inquisition shipped I’ve been the Lead Producer of BioWare’s first new IP since the Mass Effect trilogy and it’s been an amazing experience to work with the other leaders and the entire team. The new IP continues on with its development, shepherded by a leadership group with a vision that I think will change the way people experience BioWare games. Everyone working on the New IP is amazingly talented and their work continues to exceed even the lofty expectations at BioWare.
Saying goodbye to BioWare and the people who I’ve worked with for years was difficult. BioWare is a studio which prides itself on quality, humility and creativity, a culture which has helped me grow as a leader and developer. I wish every developer on the New IP team the very best and give my heartfelt thanks to everyone in the studio.

Zitat This is a pretty hard thing to do, but it’s the right thing at this stage of my life. My wife and I are expecting our first child and we’d like to do that in a bigger city.

Lee will aber wohl auch in Zukunft an Triple-A Titeln arbeiten, an welchem Projekt oder bei welchen Arbeitgeber er in Zukunft arbeiten wird kann er zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt noch nicht sagen.
Zitat While I can’t discuss what I’ll be working on next, it’s fair to say that creating massive, AAA games is still what gets me excited to go into the studio every day so stay tuned for more on that in the next month or so.

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