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Englisch Interview mit Cameron Lee zu DAI
Dragon Age: Inquisition’s producer, Cameron Lee, on open worlds and making the jump to PlayStation 4…
Englisch XBOX360Achivements
Sitting down to talk with Dragon Age: Inquisition's Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry, we asked about what we can expect in the way of familiarity and what else is new for the upcoming RPG on current and next-gen platforms. Can you ride a dragon? Who are you fighting? And most importantly of all, can you choose what kind of carpets you want for your keep?
Englisch Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Has it really been an entire age since Dragon Age: Inquisition lead designer Mike Laidlaw and I last spoke? Of course not. The first part of our interview went up yesterday. We discussed combat, choice, and exploration, and today we’re delving even deeper into the rabbit hole dragon den of certain doom. Read on to find out how race/sex, crossovers with previous DA games, romance, and more will function in BioWare’s hopeful return to form.
Englisch Rock, Paper, Shotgun
BioWare’s finally taken the wraps off Dragon Age: Inquisition, and hey, it looks like it might actually be worth getting excited over. Far from the chaffingly cramped confines of Dragon Age II’s Kirkwall, Inquisition seems rife for roaming – a land that will whet your appetite for exploration and then stuff your intestines with intrigue until you have no choice but to physically ingest a Call of Duty game to correct the balance. Also, combat looks interesting again! There is tactical view. And rolling. Somewhat astonished, I sat down with lead designer Mike Laidlaw to discuss the resurgent role-player’s newfound confidence in tactical combat, wide-open exploration, and choices that actually bar players from a significant portion of the game.
Deutsch BSN
Nach einen kurzem Briefing seitens Jessicas ging es dann los. Ich habe mich entschlossen, die Übersicht durch verschiedene Kennzeichnung der Fragen zu stellen. Interviewer 1 und Interviewer 2 sind die beiden Personen, die ebenfalls anwesend waren, während SNN für Jenny und mich steht. Zwar geht es thematisch dennoch ein wenig durcheinander, doch ich denke, dass es die beste Lösung ist.